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Monday, March 30

Hello. How are you? I'm doing well, thanks. I'm going to need you to watch this super awesome video that I stumbled upon immediately. Yes, immediately, as in RIGHT NOW. It is full of information that you simply cannot live without.

Wasn't that amazing? Don't you feel as though someone turned a light on in the pit of darkness in which we've been living? Duh. Lies. [scoffs at science to self] First of all, I'd like to know who taught this man to speak, because that was a mistake. I'm going to assume it was his mother, who was also apparently responsible for teaching him biology... which we just saw did not turn out so well. And I thought public schools in the States were bad... Regardless of whoever taught him evangelical gibberish in place of the laws of physics, this man sounds so freaking retarded that I almost feel sorry for him. "Explosions kill people." [sigh]

Good job home-schooling
Dang fancy telescopes duh
So-called gravity


EURA. said...

That video liberated me! The sun is a star... pshhh :)

However, I was not able to watch the video with sound... so I'm hoping that I did not miss out on anything major.

Yen said...

I can't tell if you picked up on the satirical nature of the video or not. Edward Current is all into parodies of Christianity, and isn't actually Christian: http://www.youtube.com/user/EdwardCurrent. Lots of atheists love 'im.

Also, love your blog! Hope you make more lifekus about being in Paris

Daughter said...

@Yen: Yes, I went to his website/myspace and everything before.... however I am sure there are lots of people who happily view this video as serious, and that makes me very afraid.

Don Bliss said...

Science bad! God good! Let's go stare directly at the sun during an eclipse!

I hope no one takes this video seriously. but I'm sure their are more than a few who do.

Olivia said...

I'm so, so glad it's a satire.