What is a lifeku?

A lifeku is a haiku about daily life. For those who are unfamiliar with haiku, it is a form of Japanese poetry usually about nature, "profound," and formatted in 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. Feel free to check out some famous haikus if you still don't get it.

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Wednesday, January 28: Reader Submission

Today's reader submission comes from Oralia in East Bay, California:

"I stumbled-upon the daily lifeku last night, and thank god. I work at a photography studio using photoshop all day, and I wrote 6 work inspired haikus throughout the day. Please enjoy my two favorites, and if you are a cs geek like me - I hope you especially appreciate them."

I know photoshop
I'll liquify your arm fat
You wont even know.

What's wrong with this brush
I need to mask out your bags
Opacity, Whoops.


Daughter said...

I feel like people have no idea how very much we liquify...

meemo said...

I love the liquify tool!! It's like "Hi! I'm skinny!"

Daughter said...

yes... it's nice for lifting things that need lifting also, if you know what I mean